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As you get older, your health care needs change. Melanchton A. Mangoba, MD, in Riverside, California, specializes in geriatric medicine services to ensure you enjoy a high quality of life. In addition to routine wellness exams, Dr. Mangoba and his team provide services to reduce your risk for chronic disease and fall injuries and improve your nutrition and overall health. To find out more about available geriatric medicine services, call the office of Melanchton A. Mangoba, MD, or request an appointment online today.

Geriatric Medicine Q&A

What is geriatric medicine?

Geriatric medicine focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and general health care of older adults and the specific medical issues that result due to aging like dementia.

Dr. Mangoba and his team specialize in caring for the unique needs of adults as they age. They offer comprehensive care that includes:

  • Routine wellness exams
  • Fall risk assessments
  • Chronic disease management
  • Nutritional and lifestyle counseling

You can also receive a comprehensive dementia screening if you experience cognitive issues that affect your memory and your thinking.

Additionally, Dr. Mangoba works closely with other medical professionals to ensure you have the resources you need to thrive and be safe in your home for as long as possible.

What can I expect during a geriatric medicine evaluation?

During your initial geriatric medicine evaluation, Dr. Mangoba and his staff take time to better understand your physical and mental health needs. They review your medical history and existing health to create the right treatment plan for you.

Dr. Mangoba physically examines your body, evaluating the function of your heart and lungs, checking your body temperature, and assessing your skin health. He tests the flexibility and function of your joints and identifies areas where you may experience discomfort or pain.

If you have existing health issues that require medications, Dr. Mangoba reviews the medications you’re taking and may request blood work to ensure they’re working. Based on the results of your test, he can make adjustments to your medicines or dosages as necessary. Dr. Mangoba also offers immunizations to protect against diseases like shingles and pneumonia.

Dr. Mangoba can also discuss your diet and help you improve your nutrition. He also offers fall risk assessments to ensure your home is safe for you to live and that you have the support you need to stay healthy.

What are the benefits of geriatric medicine?

Because Dr. Mangoba and his medical team have extensive experience in geriatric medicine, they understand your unique needs as you get older. Their services focus on your specific health concerns to keep you independent and optimize your health.

The team also works closely with you to manage multiple medications to reduce your risk for overdose or negative reactions to further protect your health.

If you can no longer care for yourself at home, Dr. Mangoba and his staff can assist you in finding assisted living services to keep you safe.

To learn more about the benefits of geriatric care, contact the office of Melanchton A. Mangoba, MD, by phone or by using the online booking feature.

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